Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Fun Weekend

So, Toddler M came to play this last weekend.  We started with a trip to the mall for a ride on the Merry-Go-Round to tame the bucking broncs.

Then a trip to feed the ducks.  (I don't think they were very hungry though.)

He helped Papa work in our backyard.

We went to Home Depot for Kids Workshop Day. (This is a really fun thing for kids, if you haven't done it before -- check it out!)

We also made several trips to the park. 

He spent some time playing with Toddler Bird.  
We all had a blast!  Next time we see him, he'll be a big brother!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We have had a busy last couple of weeks.  For this post though, I want to talk mostly about a birthday party.  We went to Denver last weekend to be there for Toddler M's second birthday!

This was the SNOW the day before his party (April 29th)  What's up with that?

I think he has a blast at his party, and so did his family.

 He blew out the candle and ate his cupcake.

His shirt was made by a friend and was just in time for the party!

I stayed for a few more days after the party and helped Linz do some decorating for the soon to arrive baby girl.  We embellished some curtains and made some decorations for the wall.  She had seen some wall decorations on a website and thought we could make some ourselves that would look just as good or better, and for a lot less money.  Here's what we ended up with...

She stenciled the fabric and wrapped it around a piece of wood with a layer of foam rubber.
 We stapled the fabric to the back of the wood and - TADA!
I think they turned out really nice.

Also, remember these?

They became this mobile for Baby Girl's room. 

 I also made these a few days ago.

Linz and Toddler M came home with me for the weekend. More on that later!